27. February 2020

Why the VOCA Engine™ tech platform is a fit for other industries

The VOCA Engine™ AI-technology platform could potentially be utilised in a vast array of fields and industries – not limited to the offshore crane and logistics industry.

The VOCA Engine™ platform has been developed for more than a decade, and has been supporting different applications in the offshore industry since 2014, where the most conspicuous has been the VOCA subsidiary Optilift and their solutions for safer and more enhanced crane-lifts and logistics, among other through remote control and autonomy.

Now, Voca are looking to expand the use of their VOCA Engine™ AI-technology platform.

– We want to explore the possibilities of exporting our technology into new fields and industries. I am confident there should be exciting prospects out there, says VOCA Managing Director Torbjørn Engedal.

What sort of areas or industries are the core technology in the VOCA Engine™ useful for?

– I would say a lot. As a technology-platform the VOCA Engine™ is extremely scalable and flexible, making it possible to export into a vast array of new fields, industries and machines. What comes first to mind is probably mining, construction, agriculture and their machinery, but also the new, emerging maritime industries, such as wind-power and marine farming, says Engedal.

Motion-based AI-technology

The functions of the VOCA Engine™ platform mostly comes alive through camera detection- and perception applications, as well as vision-based identification and tracking technology.

– The team behind the development of the VOCA Engine™ has extensive experience with research and development of robot-, computer- and machine vision software. So any field where some form of vision- or motion-based activity is set to take place should be possible for us to work with – and turn into autonomy.

Engedal says VOCA is focused on providing solutions to problems that hasn´t been solved yet.

– Our focus is to help with new and specific applications for artifical intelligence, remote control or autonomy, where we can use our platform and knowledge to quickly turn non-autonomous machines into autonomous units, he says.

– We work to build fully customized solutions and products from scratch – tailor made to fit each individual use case – and designed to become future standard products.

Core crane operations

VOCA has through its subsidiary Optilift built a solid, professional relationship with Aker BP since 2010.

– The core focus in our cooperation with Aker BP is to create safer and more efficient crane operations, both when the crane is operated locally from a crane cabin, remotely from a control room, or, in the future, as fully autonomous operations.

– Our work with Aker BP has given us a lot of positive feedback, and we have received different inquieries regarding documentation- and rig control. But these are just examples from the offshore and maritime industry. Our technology and knowledge should be well suited for landbased crane operations and several other construction- and control-industries, says Engedal.

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