Digital Logistics

The closed-loop solution
for planning, execution
and tracking of cargo transfers

Keep an overview of all cargo movements within ports & terminals, transits between onshore base and offshore sites. Plan your cargo movements and lift sequences with intuitive drag and drop interface in your web browser.

Watch video on end to end logistics planning and execution for the offshoreby industry by pressing butting below.


The cargo is tracked using computer vision, utilizing a combination of unique features for each container, such as size, marks and corrosion and our proprietary AI-based optical character recognition (OCR), trained specifically for the end application and environment.

Cost savings

  • Cargo-locations are updated automatically in real-time
  • Fewer cargo movements
  • Better planning and actual execution of cargo movement and lifting plans
  • Better utilisation of yard, machines and loading areas
  • Immediate alerts when goods arrive or are late
  • Avoid searching of goods

Read more about the available software modules at the Optilift site.