Improving safety and efficiency through technology

VOCA is an AI technology development company providing tools for digitalization, remote control and autonomy, targeted uncontrolled and harsh environments. Located in Norway, VOCA serves an international market. Our team members have extensive experience ranging from technology development within AI, computer vision and machine control, to strategy, customer relations and international business development.


VOCA was serving the offshore industry with technology development services on a consultancy basis from 2008 until 2012, and in 2014 the first two commercial products were launched; Optilift Motion Reporter and Boom Tip Indicator. Later on, the Digital Logistics– solution was introduced to the market, including more lifting support features, such as Soft Lifting Assistant and People Detector.

Since 2018, the company has developed solutions for remote control and autonomy for offshore cranes. The first demonstration of the remote- and autonomous crane control system took place in 2019. It was further tested on a 60-ton pedestal crane during the summer of 2021, and late 2022 a break-through in automated hooking on / off a container offshore was achieved. An industrial research project was initiated in late 2020, with the goal to further develop the technology for autonomous cargo handling and transportation at ports & terminals. Digital tools have been developed and deployed for mobile quay side cranes and automated container identification and localization from reach stackers, was operational at a container port from Q2 2023.

Commercialising the technologies developed by VOCA

Optilift AS is a fully owned subsidiary of VOCA, a company established to commercialize our solutions to improve lifting and cargo handling operations.

Digital Logistics AS is another fully owned subsidiary of VOCA . It was established to provide solutions to improve logistics planning, execution, tracking and reporting.