22. January 2021

Access to real-time data key to improved harbour logistics efficiency

Streamlined access to real-time data and automated communication could increase the planning, reliability, and efficiency of harbour logistics.

Streamlined access to real-time data and automated communication could increase the planning, reliability, and efficiency of harbour logistics.

– Today, almost every logistical hub, including harbours, can upgrade and bring their logistical operations into a modern and data-driven era, says VOCA Managing Director Torbjørn Engedal.

Harbour logistics could perform fewer manual operations, and improve its efficiency and safety, by utilizing modern digital tools and reap the rewards of access to real-time data, Engedal proclaims.

Map and track cargo movements in yard planning tool
With the “Digital Logistics”-solution, powered by the VOCA Engine™ AI-technology platform, the AI-technology company has produced a flexible digital product streamlined to bring logistical operations into the modern data-driven era.

Now, VOCA are looking to expand the use of “Digital Logistics”.

– We want to explore the prospect of exporting our technology into new fields and industries. I am confident there are exciting prospects out there, Engedal says.

What makes the Digital Logistics solution particularly useful for harbour logistics?

– First and foremost, our “Digital Logistics”-solution is extremely scalable and flexible. It makes it possible to use in a vast array of fields, industries, and machines – including most of the logistical set-ups found in a modern harbour today. 

The “Digital Logistics”-solution is based on camera detection- and perception applications, as well as vision-based identification and tracking technology.

– In other words, what our AI-technology do is collect data around the key areas of the logistical operation and bring the ability to plan and execute the logistical operation in a more efficient, reliable and safe way.

– The system can capture and track all cargo movements, map the environment, and provide automated updates of locations of cargo, all synchronized with our own or third-party 3D yard planning tool.

No machine investments needed
Engedal states that there is no need to invest in any new machinery to enable the Digital Logistics solution.

– This is probably the most important reason why our solution is suitable for many existing harbours, both small and large. We simply retrofit our sensors and computer-devices onto machinery such as cranes, forklifts and reach-stackers to make data capturing, tracking and mapping automatic and effortless.

– The effects of such an improved, coordinated and digital boost, with access to real-time data on item location within current logistical environment, is improved planning, increased speed and significantly reduced non-productive waiting time and errors, he says.

Through its subsidiaries Optilift and Digital Logistics, VOCA solutions have been part of building a data-driven logistical hub in Tananger, Stavanger.

– The core focus in our deliveries to ASCO is to create safer and more efficient lifting- and logistics operations in an environment which connects both harbour- and land based transport. Our work has given us a lot of insights and experience, and we look forward to our future cooperation with them.

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