A technology platform for developing intelligent machines

Our technology platform and expertise allow us to rapidly develop new applications and products specifically solved to achieve autonomy and automation.

The technology platform has gone through extensive and thorough testing, proving high reliability, accuracy and robustness. The VOCA EngineTM is continuously being further developed with new features, algorithms and support for new sensor technologies and hardware.

  • OptiLift Motion Reporter provided by Optilift is powered by VOCA EngineTM. It is a one of a kind DNV-certified vision measurement product for the offshore crane and lifting industry. The OptiLift product-suite utilise a camera and laser range measurement device to provide a multitude of features for crane operators.
  • Optilift Integrated Logistics is a set of tools also provided by Optilift and powered by VOCA EngineTM. It provides increased safety and efficiency in offshore logistics handling. Robot vision and artificial intelligence is used for closed-loop planning, execution and automatic tracking of offshore lifting and logistics operations.

Some of the features of VOCA EngineTM are presented below.

Please contact us if you want to discuss the potential for utilising our technology in your projects and products.

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