A technology platform for intelligent and autonomous machine development

Our robot vision and Artificial Intelligence technology platform VOCA EngineTM is specifically designed to exert different levels of autonomous machine control, and is continually updated with new features, algorithms and support options.

The key features of the VOCA EngineTM are presented below.

Today the VOCA EngineTM powers the different products and technologies from the offshore crane and logistics company Optilift:

  • Optilift Autonomus Crane Control System provided by Optilift is powered by VOCA EngineTM. The autonomous crane control system is utilising modules and software designed especially for autonomous, marine lifting operations.
  • Optilift Motion Reporter provided by Optilift is powered by VOCA EngineTM. It is a one of a kind DNV-certified vision measurement product for the offshore crane and lifting industry. The Optilift product-suite utilise a camera and laser range measurement device to provide a multitude of features for crane operators.
  • Digital Logistics is a set of tools provided by Digital Logistics and Optilift, powered by VOCA EngineTM. It provides increased safety and efficiency in offshore logistics handling. Robot vision and artificial intelligence is used for closed-loop planning, execution and automatic tracking of offshore lifting and logistics operations.

The VOCA EngineTM platform and technology is scaled for potential integration and licensing by other partners and clients, where new applications, products or machines can be turned into fully autonomous or automative units.

VOCA, the company behind the development of the VOCA EngineTM, provide all necessary turn-key solutions, including hardware sensors, computer devices, installation and commissioning services.

If you want to discuss how the VOCA EngineTM can power your application, product or machine into automation or autonomy, please see our contact scheme below and drop us a brief enquiry.

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