Pipefinder automatically detects and measures your pipe stickup-height and tool joint in real-time without manual intervention or instrumentation, using non-contact optical measurement technology.

Designed for extreme conditions and handles high- and low-frequent vibrations, large changes in environmental illumination and large temperature shifts.
Not sensitive to metal objects, mud coverage on pipes or reflections from artificial light sources.
Performs well both in complete darkness and in bright sunlight, indoor and outdoor.
Handles all available drill pipe diameters.

Key features

  • Enables fully automated pipe-handling
  • Real-time and continuous measurements
  • Real-time visualization for decision support
  • Non-contact, no reflectors
  • No instrumentation of pipes
  • Designed for Ex zone 1
  • Simple and effortless installation and configuration
  • No need to reconfigure if sensor is displaced

Technical specifications

  • Power consuption: 24VDC, 200W
  • Data interface: Ethernet
  • Dimensions (LxD): 390 x 195 mm
  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Measuring range: 1 –6m

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