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Optilift Assistance Systems

Key automated lifting features

Optilift Assistance Systems is a group of features that provide automatic control of specific crane operations.

The features include the automatic anti-collision function, which helps to avoid collisions between the crane and elements such as cargo, people or the boom-tip.


Full list of Features:

  • Auto Landing and Lift-Off: Automatically lands or lifts-off the CCU from vessel or internal deck with the press of a button
  • Relative Heave Compensation: Actively compensates vessel movements during sea lifts
  • Anti-Pendulum: Actively stops or prevents pendulum movement to occur during lifting
  • Anti-Collision for People: Actively stops the crane from lifting near or above People

  • Anti-Collision for Boom: Actively stops the boom before colliding into known and unknown structures
  • Anti-Collision for Cargo: Actively stops the boom before colliding into known and unknown structures on the rig and vessel
  • Auto Hook Control: Automatically hooks onto the AkerBP AutoHook with the press of a button, without deck crew

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VOCA is a technology development company based in Kristiansand, Norway. The team members of VOCA have extensive industrial experience in developing robot vision technology for uncontrolled, harsh environments.

Optilift is a fully owned subsidiary of VOCA that was established to commercialize our Optilift technology, aimed at improving and optimizing lifting, logistics- and cargo handling operations.

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