Subsea gas detection trials

VOCA AS and Aquadyne AS were performing subsea gas detection trials in the Oslofjord

5 Jan 2011

VOCA AS and Aquadyne AS were performing subsea gas detection trials in the Oslofjord back in 2010. The picture above shows Aquadyne personnell handling the sensor pod created specifically for the trials. An article from CLIMIT is available here (in Norwegian).

The trials were performed with multiple sensor technologies, sensor data being logged and visualized by VOCA software. Two representatives from VOCA and three from Aquadyne were present during the trials. The next step in the process is to analyse the data and plan for development of commercial gas detection technology.

CLIMIT is partly funding the pilot project, with the overall goal to identify and develop subsea gas detection and monitoring technologies aimed at the Carbon Capture and Storage-industry.

In collaboration with Aquadyne, VOCA has the role of implementing sensor data logging, visualization, pattern recognition and intelligent automated analysis of sensor data to detect and monitor subsea gas leakages based on various sensor technologies.

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