Aker BP and Optilift presents at Energyworld 2018

Listen to Offshore Installation Manager at Alvheim, Thomas Hoff Hansen, and Managing Director of Optilift, Camilla Nylund at the conference. Also visit the Optilift-stand for a chat and a demo!

7 Mar 2018

Thomas Hoff Hansen will present challenges that the digitization project at Aker BP is aiming to tackle, and Camilla Nylund will talk about how the Optilift technology will increase safety and efficiency through automation.

Normal price for attending the conference is 1590 NOK, but Optilift hereby provides an open invitation to register for free, if you are an employee at any of the operator companies (Aker BP, Statoil, ConocoPhillips, Point Resources etc.). Use the VIP-code “EW18-OPTIL-E” on this link to get free access to the entire conference!

While you are there, please stop by us on our stand for a chat and a demonstration.

Below is an abstract of the presentation to be give by Aker BP and Optilift. Read more about the talks on this link (in Norwegian).

The digitization project in Aker BP aims to achieve more effective and safer operations by automating critical work tasks. With the use of new technology, the number of unnecessary work tasks will be reduced, to free resources and hence increase the quality and efficiency of the tasks, and by this also maintaining a high level of safety. More effective work tasks means less pressure and reduced number of errors. This way digitization directly impacts the quality and safety of the execution of the tasks.

The technology development company Optilift AS has developed an advanced sensor technology that is mounted in the boom tip of the cranes. The technology enables safer and more effective lifting operations, including optimised logistics planning. Robot vision technology and artificial intelligence is used among others to automatically update where cargo is located when travelling between onshore base and offshore installation. This is performed without any tags, codes, letters or instrumentation on the containers. The technology is about to be tested by Aker BP at offshore installations Alvheim and Ivar Aasen, including Asco base in Tanager. Integrated planning and automatic tracking will reduce the number of time-consuming manual tasks, and the number of unnecessary cargo movements with be significantly reduced, representing an opportunity to save significant costs.

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